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B01HSICroatian Forest Research Institute (FB1) in cooperation with Split-Dalmatia County(LB) and Development Agency of Lika-Senj County LIRA on March 12th 2015 organises under WP7 a one-day Thematic Workshop entitled Resources & potentials for creation of sustainable models for biomass collection, processing, production, storage & supply in HOLISTIC pilot areas. The Workshop will take place in Cultural-informative centre in Gospić, Croatia.

Consorzio Punto Europa Teramo (FB9) organised on December the 19th an info day targeted at the students of teramanian Institutes for the awareness and sensitization against wildfires and environment protection.

The State Forestry Corp, the Volunteers of the Civil protection of Sant'Omero which participated to the event, together with the Cope staff, have informed young people on the danger of wildfire, on their important role of communicating with authorities whenever they sight flames or smoke and on the various methods and hints to prevent the fire in the forests and how to intervene in case of small fires with no danger.

Region of Istria (FB6) organised training and info day for schoolchildren on 04 November 2014 in Buzet within Holistic project- Adriatic Holistic Forest Fire Protection.

The event has been organised in collaboration with Elementary School "Vazmoslav Gržalja" and Town of Buzet. 

Fire brigade of the Town of Buzet demonstrated the schoolchildren four fire rescue simulations: rescue from the building in fire, fire fighting in the open space in case of open fire, burning gas tank and usage of electronically leaded water gun.

IMG 9446HOLISTIC Project was presented on one of the most important international conferences about forest fires - VII International Conference on Forest Fire Research in Coimbra, Portugal, 14 to 21 Nov 2014.

 The VII International Conference on Forest Fire Research in Coimbra, Portugal (http://www.adai.pt/icffr/2014/) was organized by University of Coimbra and chaired by prof. Domingos X.Viegas having the scope:
- To bring together scientists and practitioners from various parts of the world working on different aspects of forest fires
 - To encourage the presentation and discussion of recent advances in scientific research and technical development
 - To present new management methodologies
 - To present results from pilot experiments
 - To promote international cooperation.

The workshop has been organised by FB11 and FB6 to share knowledge and experiences on indirect fire prevention campaigns.

Each FB will select and present its best policy analysed in the previous activity.

The case studies will be discussed and shared during the meeting, to draft a report on current status of awareness action and education performed in the Adriatic area.

PALAZZO DELLA REGIONE DEL VENETO - GRANDI STAZIONI - Fondamenta Santa Lucia – Cannaregio, 23

TUESDAY, 2nd DECEMBER 2014  14.30 17.30 (Hall B)

IMG 4661Regional Conference Presentation

Strategic Project of the IPA Adriatic

"HOLISTIC - Seismic and Wildfire Risks"

Positive feedback from the Regional Conference of the launch of the strategic project of the Holistic territorial cooperation program that covers the area of the Adriatic (IPA Adriatic CBC).

Holistic Project LogoSplit Dalmatia County organised on the 8th and 9th of july a workshop with parallel sessions in order to give the partnership a useful occasion to discuss all the operative questions rising from the implementation of the single activities and working packages of HOLISTIC Project.

The round tables have been introduced by a joint meeting coordinated by Split Dalmatia County that focused on the general administration of the project and gave to the whole partnership an overview of the general implementation of activities, reached results and forecasted objectives for the forthcoming periods.

construction Vibration-630x250Dubrovnik Neretva County is going to organise, on the next 16th of maj, a thematic operative workshop in Dubrovnik in order to assess best international practises collected by Holistic partners in their territories and to identify the more efficient ICT and technological methodologies solutions for the development of a software application for tablet and portable devices.

The new application will be used by qualified personnel, during the implementation of the project, for the strategic buildings’ earthquake risk assessment, prevention and monitoring.

 Here you can download the meeting agenda:pdfWP9 WORKSHOP.pdf1.7 MB

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