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On 27 August 2016 the long-awaited second Wajdušna Obstacle Trail Run (WOTR) took place in Ajdovščina. With challenging obstacles for athletes and amusing hurdles for spectators WOTR gained great popularity and has expanded from a merely sports event also to a cultural and entertaining one in merely one year.

Within the project Holistic (Adriatic Holistic Forest Fire Protection) and with the cooperation of Public Institution of Kamenjak, Croatian Forest Research Institute has installed an automatic panel for wildfire risk visualization on the entrance of significant landscape Lower Kamenjak.

The main purpose of the automatic panels for wildfire risk visualization is to inform the public and raise awareness about the current risk of wildfires for the given area.

On 22 June 2016 the Municipality of Ajdovščina (FB13) organized an educational seminar for instructors and lecturer of the Educational Centre for Rescue and Protection. The main focus of the seminar was the monitoring system together with the monitoring equipment and the UAV system. The participants were introduced with the Holistic project and the monitoring system in general, whereas external experts described the UAV system and the functionalities of the monitoring system in detail.


Between 27 and 29 May 2016 a renowned town festival with a long tradition was taking place in Ajdovščina – the Ajdovščina in May Festival. The Festival featured a series of varied activities, so anyone could find their interest – from music concerts in the evenings to educational, sports, cultural and culinary activities during the day.

Split Dalmatia County released and projected, during the final conference that took place in Split on the 21st of september, a video presentation depicting an overall review with all the activities and results achieved during the Holistic project implementation.

Molise conf Holistic

Molise Region is organising the final local conference of the HOLISTIC project. The 2 days event will be useful in order to assess the state of the art of the results achieved during project implementation and endorse the local policy makers and stakeholder and inform the general public on the thematics of the hydroclimatic, fire and earthquale risk management.

The event will take place on the 29 and 30 of september in the "Parlamentino hall" of the abruzzo Region premises, following the attached agenda.

In order to improve the application of renewable energy sources(biomass) in Split Dalmatia County, a pilot project of installation of a new biomass and central heating system, has been presented on the 6th of September in the Elementary School Knez Branimir in Muć Donji.
With this investment, elementary school in Muć Donji became the first school in Split-Dalmatia County heated by biomass.
For the pilot project it had been selected that specific elementary school due to the fact that the building was so far heated by wood (tile stoves).
The total value of this project was around 100.000,00 €, financed via Holistic project.
The area to be heated is 1,320 m2 .
School has 136 school children.

As part of the activities of the project HOLISTIC Dubrovnik and Neretva Region organized the course for training of volunteer and professional fire forces, new equipment was awarded to several fire brigades.

In the framework of other project activities, in progress, is the installation of the video surveillance system area in the area of Osojnik, the Neretva valley and the island of Mljet, and very soon should begin the setting up of panels for visualization of index risk of fire in the area of forest park Velina i Mala Petka, Kalamota, forest park Hober on Korcula and the protected landscape of the bay Vučina on Peljesac peninsula.

Other information on activities which are being implemented by Dubrovnik and Neretva Region can be found in the youtube video.

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