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5On the 26-26 of November there took place in Belgrade the 4th Holistic Project and steering committee which has been organised by the Serbian Ministry of Interior, Sector for Emergency Management.

It's been the occasion to inform all the participants partners, media representatives and general public on the state of the art of the implementation of the project within dedicated sessions of workshops on each of the 9 working packages of activities, with the assessment of the outputs and relevant results achieved so far by the partnership and the review of future steps and activities still to be implemented.


On the 24th of September 2015, the Municipality of Ajdovščina held a promotional event, in shich its monitoring system for early fire detection and automatic warning was presented to Holistic partners, civil protection operators, the media and the general interested public.  

IMG 4611Holistic project coordinators from the Municipality of Ajdovščina and Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region participated in the international seminar on "Modelling of Wildfires and their Environmental Impacts" which has been held between 22 and 26 June 2015 in Miramare (Trieste), Italy and organised by the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics.

Discussions held at the workshops stemmed from the fact that wild fires pose a direct threat to populations, ecosystems and economy and are a dangerous source of air pollution. What is more, wild fires are becoming more frequent in certain regions due to the climate and land use changes. Consequently, it is important to better understand the occurrence and the dynamics of wild fires as well as their environmental impacts. One of the methods for better understanding is also numerical modelling, which was the main topic of the Trieste workshop.

As part of the IPA project HOLISTIC, and in organisation of the Civil Protection and Fire Fighting Administration of Herzegovina – Neretva Canton, a round table was held in Mostar on November 17th, 2015  - "Presentation and analysis of selected best practice in forest fires fighting."

In presence of the representatives of the Government of Herzegovina – Neretva Canton, professional and volunteer fire brigades, civic associations (hikers, Mountain Rescue Service), civil protection services from HNC region and partners in the HOLISTIC project, Government of West Herzegovina Canton, the round table presented the experiences through selected best practices of the project partners from Slovenia and Italy, and discussed the possibilities of their applicability in the area of Herzegovina – Neretva Canton.


Interviews (in Bosnian language)

Molise Region - awareness campaing in forest fire prevention

Video Broadcasts:

TV broadcast on the project HOLISTIC benefits

Broadcasted news:IPA and EU Policy Makers International Seminar in Dubrovnik


Radio Broadcasts:


1.       11/4/2015 – Description of the HOLISTIc project in general, distressing the objectives and goals of the activities. This was an opportunity to talk about upcomig IPA and EU Policy Makers International Seminar which was held in Dubrovnik


2.       15/4/2015 – The theme was IPA and EU Policy Makers International Seminar, the statement was given by PhD Marijan Herak, the WP 9 external expert group leader. He gave interview on importance of the HOLISTIC output in correlation with his public lecture held during the seminar Earthquakes on the Croatian Adriatic natural seismicity and the ability to induce earthquakes during the exploitation of hydrocarbons.


3.       18/4/2015 – Interview on the conclusions of the IPA and EU Policy Makers Seminar


4.       03/10/2015 – Interview on the installation of video surveillence system at the Dubrovnik and Neretva Region as well as correlation of the HOLISTIC with the other similar project implemented by the Dubrovnik and Neretva Region


5.       07/11/2015 – Awareness campaigns, the WP 9 outputs, video surveillence and warning panel installation – benefits for the society


A round table was held in official premises of the West Herzegovina Canton in Siroki Brijeg, under IPA Adriatic cross-border cooperation 2007-2013, funded by the EU and the realization of the project ,,Holistic model of integrated forest fire protection - HOLISTIC", 22nd of October 2015.

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