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On the 24th of May there has been held a training course for civil protection volunteers in nature park Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje, well known for its rich biodiveristy and considered as one of the top leisure destination in Zagreb County. This area consists of submediterranean forest communities, in which there is a very high forest fire’ risk.

In last several decades we are witnessing the rapid climate changes, whose impact on the forest health and productivity of forest ecosystems is unquestionable, but also has a significant influence that forests have on the climate effect. That was the reason why this year's Open days are devoted to the topic "Forest and Climate" - the interaction of forest ecosystems and climate change.

Croatian Forest Research Institutes' Open Days were held ond May the 19th, 2016 in Jastrebarsko. During the day, manifestation was visited by more than a thousand of children from the cities of Zagreb, Jastrebarsko and nearby places. The institute's employees prepared an interesting program for visitors that started early in the morning. Visitors were also able to attend the presentation of the EU project ˝HOLISTIC˝, IPA Adriatic CBC Programme.

Within the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation 2007-2013, funded by the EU and the realization of the project Holistic the FB12 team of Civil protection of Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia carried on an awareness campaign tergeted to schoolchildren in order to inform and educate pupils on earthquakes and wildfires risks and realising a poster with the drawings of Podorieszach Fabrizio, a member of Regional Forestry Corp.

Schoolchildrens can draw, in the poster, the evacuation route of their classroom or attach an extract of their School Emergency Plan, and then hang the poster on their classrooms walls.

On May 18th, 2016, during the visit of Schoolchildrens of Torreano di Cividale to the Regional Civil Protection Center in Palmanova, the FB12 team silbollically delivered the first copy of the poster.

Here you can download the poster

DSC 0560 ds

Within the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation 2007-2013, funded by the EU and the realization of the project Holistic model of integral protection of forest fires – HOLISTIC, training for firefighters was held on the 25th of May 2016 (basic training) and the 27th of May (advanced training) in the Assembly hall of West Herzegovina Canton in Široki Brijeg.
During basic training, firefighters and volunteers learned about primary intervention in the case of forest fire. Advanced training improved their knowledge about forest fire and firefighters from the Civil protection were showing them how to manage with jets in order to prevent risks connected to fire propagation.
Firefighters and volunteers were actively participating in this educating presentations and demonstrations.

Between 27 and 29 May 2016 a renowned town festival with a long tradition was taking place in Ajdovščina – the Ajdovščina in May Festival. The Festival featured a series of varied activities, so anyone could find their interest – from music concerts in the evenings to educational, sports, cultural and culinary activities during the day.

IMG 8140

Long term and successful cooperation in the field of protection and rescue between Split-Dalmatia County and the City of Split resulted with organization of joint exercises of all operational civil protection forces in the area of ​​the County and the City. Given that now is the start of the tourist season, and as the month of May is also the month of fire protection, the planned two demonstrations are focused on the display mode of action of certain components of operational civil protection at a given moment by simulating an accidents.

On 20th May 2016 began a large joint exercise "West Coast 2016" which was attended by all available forces of civil protection : from members of the Fire Department of the city of Split, the Port Authority, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Croatian Red Cross, the Department of Emergency Medicine of Split-Dalmatia County, DVD Kastel Gomilica  for Environmental Conservation, Civil Protection of SDC and Civil Protection of City of Split.

IMG 6977

On 17 May 2016 the Municipality of Ajdovščina (FB13) organized a training course for professional firefighters in the town of Ajdovščina. The main focus of the training course was the monitoring system together with the monitoring equipment, that was established through the Holistic Project. Following the general presentation of the system and the equipment, the participants were educated about the functionalities and practicalities of the system, which were all presented and tested also in practice. The participants learnt how the monitoring system could help them in pre-fire, fire and post-fire activities, how it can improve the efficacy of their interventions and how it can facilitate their work. Due to the complexity of the monitoring system and constant system improvements, additional individual trainings are scheduled in the following period, so as to anchor the knowledge, to deepen the system applicability and to strengthen its usability.

DSC 0427

Within the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation 2007-2013, funded by the EU and the realization of the project Holistic model of integral protection of forest fires – HOLISTIC, Info day for pupils was held on 20th of May 2016 in the schoolyard of Gimnasyum fra Dominik Mandić Široki Brijeg, for pupils from elementary and high school.
Firefighters from company Financ for Civil protection, were educating about forest fire and demonstrating how to intervene in the case of fires. Also, during exercises firefighters were showing standard operational procedures during civil protection activities.
About 100 pupils received basic training and actively participating in educating demonstrations.

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