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18th FVG Civil protection Volunteer Day 2016

Panorama volontariFVG

In the framework of the 18th Civil protection Volunteer Day, held in Udine on Saturday 3rd of December 2016, were presented activities and results of Holistic project to public and authorities.

This year at this beautiful and heartfelt day, dedicated to the 9,759 volunteers of the municipal groups of the 216 municipalities and 76 associations of Friuli Venezia Giulia, attended the President and Vice-President of the Region, the regional delegate Councillor for Civil Defence the government commissioner in FVG and prefect of Trieste and the head of the National Department of Civil Protection.

Were also present representatives of the Civil Defence of Slovenia, Carinthia and Croatia and volunteers from the nearby Veneto and Piedmont.

The head of Department in relation to the issue of prevention has stressed that it is necessary that each component of the integrated regional system of civil protection plays their part: in the audience were many bands tricolor of Mayors, with which the civil defense volunteer should create synergies to give effect to the spread in the territory of a large culture of prevention.

Technicians of FB12-Civil protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in a special multimedia gazebo illustrated trough video and presentations all performed Holistic activities, products and outcomes,attracting the curiosity of the volunteers present especially with the exposure of the drone equipped with thermal imaging camera that PCR is testing in the monitoring and prevention of forest fires.