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5th Project and Steering Committee Meeting in Grude - 19-21.04.2016

5th Project and Steering Committee Meeting of the strategic project HOLISTIC was held in Agrotourism Marica Gaj in Grude 19-21.04.2016. and organized by The Government of the West Herzegovina Canton and with the tehnical support of Regional agency for development – REDAH.

Praiseworthy project is intended to reduce the number and the impact of forest fires, to protect people, natural environment and properties, and in particular to promote fire prevention among rural communities in fire prone areas of regions facing the Adriatic. 20 partners from 8 countries: Italy, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro gave an overview on the current state of project implementation according to work-packages. Also, they were discussing about further project activities.

On the second day of the meeting it also took place a Conference lead by prime minister of the West Herzegovina Canton, Zdenko Ćosić, lead partner Split-Dalmatia County, Anđelka Vuković, project manager of the Government of the West Herzegovina Canton, Vesna Hrsto and Head of the Eu funds from Split-Dalmatia County, Anđelko Katavić.