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2016.01.22 - Roundtable in Dubrovnik and Neretva Region

WP3: Roundtable on the possible application of the best European practices in fire protection in the area of ​​Dubrovnik and Neretva Region


Within the activities of the project HOLISTIC, in Dubrovnik was held a round table discussing  possible application of best practices in the field of prevention and protection against fire from the participating countries in the fire protection system in the area of ​​Dubrovnik and Neretva Region.


On that occasion the project of integrated early warning systems and management of fire fighting, Western Attica, Greece was presented to the participants of the meeting. It is a system which was developed in 2010, which aims to combine the use of technologies such as satellite imagery, orthophoto maps, the application of geographic information systems and various model simulations of fire which would protect the area of ​​Western Attica against natural disasters, especially forest fires. Also the case studies from Slovenia were presented: the long-term assessment of forest fires in Slovenia and meteorological risk of fire in Slovenia by the Canadian system for assessing the risk of fire, conducted jointly by Slovenian Forest Management and Slovenian Forestry Institute.

The participants concluded that presented case studies from Greece and Slovenia show the need for modernization of the existing fire-fighting infrastructure, with the application and use of modern information and communication technologies in fire protection. Slovenian project of Long-term assessment of forest fires in Slovenia, unlike the other two presented at the meeting, is difficult to apply in the area of ​​Dubrovnik and Neretva Region due to the lack of updated maps and data on forests.


Ph.D. Damir Krstinić from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture from Split, presented the project of video monitoring of Dubrovnik and Neretva Region, which by HOLISTIC project envisages setting up cameras in three locations: in the area of ​​the lake Kuti in the Neretva valy, on the island of Mljet, and the area of ​​Osojnik. It is estimated that the project of video surveillance of those areas should be completed by the start of this year's fire season.

Tomaševic on that occasion presented an analysis of vegetation fire in the area of ​​Dubrovnik and Neretva Region, especially highlighting several multiple fires in Dubrovnik coast in 2001, on the island of Lastovo in 2003 and on the island of Korčula and Pelješac peninsula last year.A special part of the round table was dedicated to the application of meteorology in fire protection. The impact of climate change on the potential risk of forest fires and weather conditions during the fire fighting plants was discussed by Ivana Tomaševic from the Meteorological and Hydrological Service of the Republic of Croatia. 

The round table brought together fifty participants, members of the public fire brigades and volunteer fire associations from the area of ​​Dubrovnik and Neretva Region, the National Protection and Rescue Directorate and representatives of Istria, Sibenik-Knin and Zadar County.