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4th Project and steering committee meeting in Belgrade - 24-26.11.2015

5On the 26-26 of November there took place in Belgrade the 4th Holistic Project and steering committee which has been organised by the Serbian Ministry of Interior, Sector for Emergency Management.

It's been the occasion to inform all the participants partners, media representatives and general public on the state of the art of the implementation of the project within dedicated sessions of workshops on each of the 9 working packages of activities, with the assessment of the outputs and relevant results achieved so far by the partnership and the review of future steps and activities still to be implemented.

The meeting aimed also at updating the partnership on the overall financial aspects (both on expenditure progress and forecast) in the view of the postponement of the project deadline which has been set to the end of september 2016.

On the second day of the meeting it also took place a Conference lead by the Head of Sector for Emergency Management of the Serbian Ministry of Interior, Mr. Predrag Marić, who addressed the welcoming salute to the holistic partnership and focused his contribution on the importance of the implementation of European territorial cooperation project, specifically in the field of environemnt protection, risk prevention and amelioration of protocols of intervention through the exchange of good practices and the development of common tools and procedures among different Adriatic Countries.

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