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Presentation of the Survelliance System in Ajdovščina


On the 24th of September 2015, the Municipality of Ajdovščina held a promotional event, in shich its monitoring system for early fire detection and automatic warning was presented to Holistic partners, civil protection operators, the media and the general interested public.  

After the greetings from the Mayor and the presentation of the Holistic project, made by the project manager, Dr Stipaničev by the University of Split presented the idea behind the Holistic monitoring system. Afterward, equipment producers and software developers of the Ajdovščina system presented their work in details.

The Municipality of Ajdovščina monitoring system consists of static and dynamic units: 3 static systems are set on 3 surrounding hills and are composed of daily and infrared cameras while dynamic units consists of a terrain vehicle and a drone, both with integrated daily and infrared cameras. All units are coordinated from the operational room, located in the premises of the Fire Fighting and Rescue Centre Ajdovščina.

For a better presentation of the system, a short video was broadcasted, showing the functioning of the monitoring system when a wild fire is being detected. At the end, all visitors might see the static camera, terrain vehicle and the drone, which were exhibited in the lobby.

The event was well attended: representatives of the Ministry of Defence and its project group for unmanned aviation attended as well as representatives of the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief; national inspectorate for natural disasters; Slovenian Fire fighting Association; uniformed and border police, local fire fighters and other interested public. Also several Holistic partners took part in the event.   

At the end of the event the Holistic coordinators at the Municipality of Ajdovščina expressed their wish that the presented system would become an example of good practice in Slovenia, as well as internationally. 

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