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Dubrovnik-Neretva partner: Broadcasted radio and tv interviews (HR audio)

Video Broadcasts:

TV broadcast on the project HOLISTIC benefits

Broadcasted news:IPA and EU Policy Makers International Seminar in Dubrovnik


Radio Broadcasts:


1.       11/4/2015 – Description of the HOLISTIc project in general, distressing the objectives and goals of the activities. This was an opportunity to talk about upcomig IPA and EU Policy Makers International Seminar which was held in Dubrovnik


2.       15/4/2015 – The theme was IPA and EU Policy Makers International Seminar, the statement was given by PhD Marijan Herak, the WP 9 external expert group leader. He gave interview on importance of the HOLISTIC output in correlation with his public lecture held during the seminar Earthquakes on the Croatian Adriatic natural seismicity and the ability to induce earthquakes during the exploitation of hydrocarbons.


3.       18/4/2015 – Interview on the conclusions of the IPA and EU Policy Makers Seminar


4.       03/10/2015 – Interview on the installation of video surveillence system at the Dubrovnik and Neretva Region as well as correlation of the HOLISTIC with the other similar project implemented by the Dubrovnik and Neretva Region


5.       07/11/2015 – Awareness campaigns, the WP 9 outputs, video surveillence and warning panel installation – benefits for the society