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Government of West Herzegovina County held a round table within the project HOLISTIC

A round table was held in official premises of the West Herzegovina Canton in Siroki Brijeg, under IPA Adriatic cross-border cooperation 2007-2013, funded by the EU and the realization of the project ,,Holistic model of integrated forest fire protection - HOLISTIC", 22nd of October 2015.

Project Manager Ms. Vesna Hrsto, on behalf of the Government of West Herzegovina County, partner FB 17, did a short presentation of the project referring to the objectives (general and specific) project, the analysis of the territory and fire prediction. As part of the WP3 it was said about the effects of the project. There were presented examples of good practice from Italy as well as all other examples of good practice, based on the presentations provided by the partner responsible for the WP3.

Mr. Tomislav Čužić of Civil Protection WHC spoke about their impressions from study visits to Slovenia and Ajdovščina and their way of monitoring the situation on the ground with the use of pilotless aircraft with thermal cameras. Slovenian experience shows that such small investment has a great positive effect in preventing a larger fire.

At the end there was discussion on the applicability of best practices in the WHC, which was conducted in an open conversation with comments, queries and suggestions that were most attached to pinpoint (center) with which to manage IT equipment.

Conclusions and recommendations from the round table will be used to create a common plan of capitalization within WP3.

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