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WP8: IPA and EU Policy Makers’ International seminar

IPA and EU Policy Makers’ International seminar

Policies and tools for Forest Fire Prevention: The role of awareness and education

Venue: Sala Paolo D'Attorre di Casa Melandri, Via Ponte Marino, 2 Ravenna

Wednesday 28th October at 2015 9.00 AM

The Management Body for Parks and Biodiversity Delta PO Emilia Romagna with the support of Ravenna Municipality, will host the International Seminar "Policies and tools for Forest Fire Prevention: The role of awareness and education".

The seminar is the final event of a cycle of events in the framework of the EU Project Holistic, funded by the IPA Adriatic Programme.

Despite relevant advancements in forest fire prevention as underlined in the several Holistic meetings and workshops, for various reasons, forest fire prevention policies and measures are still lacking behind. These range from inadequate funds and funding, mechanisms for support and implementation of forest fire prevention, a lack of balance in policy with regard to prevention and awareness as well as flaws in education.

Several studies prove that prevention activity must be viewed as an indispensable and integrated part of sustainable forest management. This is also in line with the European Commission’s and Member States’ common vision as stated in the EU Forest Action Plan.

Emphasizing that preventing fire is better than healing, the aim of the conference is to discuss about strategies and mechanisms for fire prevention starting from the experience gained by Holistic partner’s activity and the relevant contribution that will be provided by the experts involved.

The conference is structured into three main sessions:

Policies: Forest Fire prevention, Coordination mechanisms, Awareness and communication tools and Biodiversity;

Tools (Best practices and Holistic Project);

Funding and financial sustainability.

Within the first session of the conference, representatives of Italian and international institutions will discuss on the importance of the fire prevention activity to reduce forest fire risks and to preserve biodiversity.

Within the second session Holistic awareness approaches and interventions will be presented and discussed together with best practices.

The third session aims to give an overview of the EU funding mechanisms that can support forest fire prevention interventions.

The seminar will be held in Ravenna, Sala Paolo D'Attorre di Casa Melandri, Via Ponte Marino, 2 on Wednesday 28th October (from 9.00 AM)