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Wp8: Training drill in Tortoreto (Teramo)


A three days drill has been organised in Tortoreto (Teramo) by Europe Point Teramo Consortium on the 22nd-24th of may along with intervention simulation, training, debate and meetings, in order to:

 -  provide civil protection volunteers with competences and needed tools in intervening in case of a seismic toss,

-  test the efficiency of the organisational structure of Province of Teramo Civil protection.


It’s been also an occasion to discuss and focus the key stakeholders attention on the crucial importance of the issues related to hydro geological instability and soil protection.


The composite drill, organized in collaboration with the Civil Protection of Val Vibrata,the volunteers service centre of Teramo and The Union of Municipalities of Val Vibrata, has been participated by hundreds of volunteers belonging to all the Civil Protection Associations in the province, which have been collected in the Headquarters set up for three days.


The event started on Friday the 22nd with a public debate organized to disseminate the goals of the drill and discussing on the state of the art of the experiences which have been enhanced in the framework of the implementation of Holistic Project.


Later, the same day it started the first simulation of a seismic toss  (3.8 and 4.2 Richter) with general alarm, the arrival of emergencies corps in the headquarters, tents and camp kitchen positioning and first aids supply.


In the morning of the second day it’s been launched the second alarm for a seismic toss of 5.7 magnitude (slightly less powerful than the one occurred in L’Aquila in the 2009) which will give the start to emergency operations and training in radio communication, emergency corps activation, and departure to the territories mostly interested by the earthquake. At 8.50 several schools have been evacuated in Val Vibrata Territories and refugees have been accommodated in the base camp.


Later on there have been an exercitation on fire fighting operated by helicopter.


In the afternoon there took place a seminary on hydro geological instabilityin which intervened geologists Alessandro Venieri e Maurizio Rosa (Province of Teramo),  Adriana Cavaglià (Regional Association of geologs), and Cosimo Golizia (President of European Disaster Manager).


The third day there took place a religious mess in the chapel set up in the camp participated by administrators and general public which preceded the disassembly of tents and structures.



Link to the video news (in italian)