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WP9: HOLISTIC IPA and EU Policy Makers´ International Seminar

Holistic-01-1200x800Dubrovnik and Neretva Region was a host of IPA and EU Policy Makers' International Seminar, HOLISTIC project partners meeting which took place in Dubrovnik from April 15th to 17th, 2015. Thematically, the Seminar was dedicated to measuring of the impact of seismic activity in the buildings of public interest in areas where project activities are taking place.

Thirty participants of the IPA and EU Policy Makers' International Seminar held several thematic presentations and panel discussion whose themes were risk assessment of the earthquake in the southeast of Europe and restoration of cultural heritage damaged in earthquakes.

The Seminar brought together Croatian and Italian experts in the field of seismology and engineering, and in particular, they discussed the implementation of the HOLISTIC project results particularly in decision-making in various fields, at EU level, in order to reduce the potential consequences of earthquakes. 

It was concluded that the collection of data on dynamic parameters of buildings of strategic interest necessary for the determination of the seismic vulnerability of buildings accommodating service whose assignment was necessary in the event of an accident.

On April 15th, thus the second day of the Seminar IPA and EU Policy Makers Panel took place with session coordinator Mr. Gino Verrocchi and its speakers: Mr. Predrag Kvasnicka, Mrs. Iva Carevic Pekovic and Mr. Marijan Herak.

The main recommendations that resulted from Panel discussion are: necessity for creation of joint policies in earthquake risk assessment in the territory of Southeastern Europe among participating countries in the HOLISTIC project; it is needed to increase the funds for research in the field of seismology, mainly assessment of seismic hazard; sharing of good practices and experience in restoration and reconstruction of historical buildings is one of the key elements for creation of joint policies between participating countries due to common territorial and cultural characteristics and seismic hazard.

During IPA and EU Policy Makers´ International Seminar especially was emphasized the necessity of including the academic community in the development of spatial planning documents in order to prevent the consequences of the earthquake in seismically vulnerable areas. Acknowledging the importance of the historical buildings as strategic ones it is of crucial importance continuous monitoring of the changes in their dynamic parameters caused by seismic activity and in that sense further investment in research and monitoring of the seismic activity of the soil is essential.

Finally big contribution was given by Mr.Marco Mucciarelli, Centro Richerche Seismologiche, Instituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, that gave a short presentation regarding measurement results conducted in Italy and their possible implementation at forthcoming measurement processes in the participant countries.

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