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WP8: Educational and Awareness Seminar for Hunters and Forest Owners in Ajdovščina

P4220046On the 22th of April 2015, the Municipality of Ajdovščina (FB13) held an educational and awareness seminar for hunters and forest owners in the town of Ajdovščina. The seminar discussed the role of hunters and forest owners in early fire detection, fire prevention and emphasized their valuable contribution in firefighting interventions.

The event was opened by the Holistic Project Manager, who explained the purpose of the seminar and pointed out the importance of hunters and forest owners in fire prevention and fire fighting. After a brief presentation of the Holistic Project, the Ajdovščina Fire Brigade Commander, Mr Miha Ergaver, introduced the participants with the Ajdovščina fire service and its activities.

Afterwards policies regulating their role in wildfire prevention were presented, guidelines for safe use of open flame were provided and a discussion on the cooperation of all stakeholders connected with the nature was opened. Fire service endeavours to work together with hunters and forest owners in all aspects of fire prevention and fighting, but especially in forest fire interventions as their knowledge of the terrain is indispensable. The participants showed great interest in information gathered at the seminar and were enthused by the proposals and ideas for better cooperation.

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