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WP9: measurements of the micro vibarations of buildings in the historic center of Dubrovnik

As part of the implementation activities of the project HOLISTIC in Dubrovnik area, measurement of seismic activity of buildings of public interest began. Measurements will include approximately thirty buildings from the area of Dubrovnik Neretva Region in accommodating emergency services or services whose occupation would be necessary in case of a major earthquake in our area.

Measurements are conducted by a team of experts from Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science in Zagreb. Each building vibrates continuously by specified frequency, and these are vibrations that we cannot feel.

By measuring those specific vibrations and vibrations of the soil upon which the building is located, the exact frequency of the vibration will be received. If the vibration of the building and soil is similar or completely identical it means that in the case of an earthquake, can occur resonance due to which the building might suffer more severe damage. The measurements will in no case prevent an earthquake or are able to predict it, but can provide information on whether our strategically important services are located in buildings appropriate for this purpose.

Measurement of micro vibrations of buildings within the historic center will last next six months. - pointed out, among other things, while explaining measurement, team member, Ph.D. Snjezan Prevolnik from the Geophysical Department of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb.