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Installation of wildfire risk visualization panel on cape Kamenjak near Pula, Croatia

Within the project Holistic (Adriatic Holistic Forest Fire Protection) and with the cooperation of Public Institution of Kamenjak, Croatian Forest Research Institute has installed an automatic panel for wildfire risk visualization on the entrance of significant landscape Lower Kamenjak.

The main purpose of the automatic panels for wildfire risk visualization is to inform the public and raise awareness about the current risk of wildfires for the given area.

The human factor is one of the most common causes of fire and working to prevent fires caused by carelessness and recklessness can greatly reduce the number of fires in the Istrian County. During the period of increased fire risk special attention is required and it is necessary to inform the population that circulates in that area about the current fire risk.

Accordingly to the words of the director of Public Institution Kamenjak, Ms. Maja Šarić, during the summer months there is an increase in number of visitors of significant landscape Lower Kamenjak, and with the combination of high temperatures and dry vegetation, the wildfire risk is high. With the installation of panel for wildfire risk visualization the visitors are timely informed about the potential risk and they are worned about responsible behaviour.