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New firefighting equipment awarded by Dubrovnik and Neretva Region


President Nikola Dobroslavić with his associates has awarded the new equipment to the fire fighting units from the area of Dubrovnik and Nerteva Region, worth 20.000 Euros. It is an intervening firefighting equipment including suits, fire helmets, boots, gloves, coveralls, breathing apparatus and submersible pumps extremely useful in interventions during the torrential floods.

Today we talk about the use of European funds for the development of the fire service and the improvement of fire safety in our area. As a Region, we had more than 50 projects reported to various funds and achieved European co-financing, in which implementation participates Regional Development Agency DUNEA and Region's administrative departments. One of them is the project HOLISTIC that has brought to firefighters the value of 3 million kunas. 85 percent of it is financed by the European Union through the CBC program IPA Adriatic, and the rest is financed by the Dubrovnik and Neretva Region. As part of the project activities, we have already assigned to the members of the public fire brigades in Konavle and Dubrovnik devices for remote control cars or GPS devices, while today we equip also the volunteer fire brigades Rijeka Dubrovnik, Orebić and Kula Norinska. We think also about how to obtain drones to facilitate intervention and remediation of the fire site - said Nikola Dobroslavić.

As part of the activities of the project HOLISTIC last week's 50 firefighters attended the theoretical part of the course for training for work with chainsaw and lawnmower, necessary for work in breaking through and maintenance of fire roads.

After the equipment award the fire brigades held an exercise in which the assigned equipment was use. In the organization of the fire department of the City of Dubrovnik, interventions in closed rooms, using simulators flame control, but also modes for intervention in severe traffic accidents were shown.

Within other project activities, in progress is the installation of the video surveillance system area in the area of Osojnik, the Neretva valley and the island of Mljet, and very soon should begin the setting up of panells for visualization of index risk of fire in the area of forest park Velina i Mala Petka, Kalamota, forest park Hober on Korcula and the protected landscape of the bay Vučina on Peljesac peninsula.