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Dubrovnik and Neretva Region hosted the crossborder meeting of the HOLISTIC project partners

A two-days meeting of the HOLISTIC project partners was held in Dubrovnik with its main goal of exchange of experiences on fire prevention and intervention during the fire spreading to the border areas.
The commander of the fire department of Dubrovnik and Neretva Region Stjepan Simovic spoke about the experience of fire protection and previous fires in the border area of Dubrovnik and Neretva Region, and about the difficulties and opportunities for cooperation in the prevention of fire exposed by representatives of the Protection and Rescue of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Alexander Škobalj and Vidak Vukovic.


Head of the Regional Office for the Protection and Rescue in Dubrovnik Ana Kordic in her speech particularly stressed the role of Headquarters of Civil Protection and addressed the experience gained during the disastrous fires that have hit the areas of Peljesac and Korcula in July last year.

Mato Tomljanovic, project manager for the Dubrovnik and Neretva Region said, referring to the draft recommendations for reduction of the risk of adverse consequences of the earthquake, that the organization of this cross-border meeting is an opportunity to present the results achieved during the project implementation in the area of Dubrovnik and Neretva Region from both of its parts: fire protection and the part relating to the measurement of the impact of seismic activity on the buildings of public interest in the area of Dubrovnik and Neretva Region. Professor Marijan Herak, representative of the Department of Geophysics of Science Engineering from Zagreb and the Croatian Seismological Service spoke about the measurement results. ˝Measurement results that we received as part of the project HOLISTIC are extremely valuable data. Measurements should be repeated at certain intervals, and what remains is the need to structure a quality network of seismographs given that the existing in Croatia, unfortunately, is not enough ", concluded Herak.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. Paola Albini from the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Milan, which on this occasion, among others, spoke about the great earthquake of 1667, which caused great human losses to the former Republic of Dubrovnik, but also damage the economy.

Around forty participants of the meeting coming from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia were introduced also to the organization of fire protection in the protected natural areas in the Dubrovnik and Neretva Region. 

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